Welcome to Da Village Network

Introduction to Da Village Network

We've been patiently waiting to finally get to let yall know about Da Village Network.

Da Village Network was founded by Ronnie & Alexis Perry. It is a e-commerce marketplace website were members of our exclusive network come to intentionally shop with our Black Owned Business community. We've been developing Da Village Network since 2018. 3 developers and 3 years later I'm happy to say we have completed

Da Village Network was created to show support of our Black & Brown community.  We have way 2 many things currently built solely on destroying us & keeping us down. Everybody has a part in fixing this fucked up world we live in. Da Village Network is our contribution.

The whole purpose is to provide a open space for us to be dope and do business to learn grow succeed and build generational wealth. For our family's so they can have a better chance at living in peace. Da Village Network is basically a Black virtual mall. There is a place for all types of Black Owned Businesses.

We have our restaurants section where you can sign up to sell you food to local members.
There's our shops section where you can sell your products to anyone
And there is a services section where you can list a service you provide to local members.

Let's talk fees for listed Black Owned Business Providers . Da Village Network charges 1 fee on COMPLETED transactions. which is 15% No monthly or sign up fee. So it risk free !

3 different platforms all in one place making Da Village Network a 1 stop shop. Nice and easy for our members to show support.

We have 2 different membership levels Free & Premium Supporting Membership. Exclusive pricing and reward program included in Premium Supporting Membership.

In order to build up we have to start to stick together again.. We tried fighting and competing against each other already and it didn't help our growth as a community. But when we stuck together during separation like Tulsa before June 1921 . Babyyy you couldn't tell us ish.

The kids were safe and educated and be kids.. they were taken care of well by the whole Village the family's consistent of mom & dad and money was being made based off entrepreneurship. Families had homes and land. I don't know bout yall but I wanna get back to dat.... cuz no one is coming to save us yall we gotta save ourselves..

We all we got and if you stand with us well stand with you. I know I didn't talk about us but well go into our personal and professional background on the next video when Ronnie can join me. But this one was just about Da Village Network.

Join us today as we soft launch at or like/subscribe/follow/share on Facebook or Instagram all support is welcomed.

please be understanding and patience with us and each other as this is a process. We appreciate yall support without yall there can be no us. 

Sending peace & blessings to all yall.