Be Apart of Change

It seems like we’ve been fighting for fair treatment since our ancestors were “liberated” and slavery was abolished all over the US in 1865. Every natural born citizen has rights yet our rights are violated every single day! These trained cops get away with our unjustified murders all the time! We tried to be quiet and take a knee and that was a problem. We became angry after seeing more and more of our own killed and began to fight back and that was a problem. They bring up the statement, “how can Black Lives Matter but you kill each other” bullshit as if it’s one in the same. They have programmed Black people to hate one another and designed systems to intentionally keep us down. They do not want to see us United so they turn us on to each other. Let’s talk about how, from 1982 to now, more than half the mass shootings were carried out by yt cowards! They are being fed food and given water to drink after murdering people but a Black man that was complying with officers was gunned down at a traffic stop. How many more of us has to die before we are given the same respect  as our counterparts. So